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Contribute for the Future
Click the donate button and you will be taken to — your contribution will appear on your statement as payable to Bowman Design Works (our parents). You will also be asked to specify an amount. Please contribute whatever you feel this plugin is worth to you —  whether it is a dollar, five dollars, or whatever. Thanks!
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Thanks to Contributors!

For those who contribute, you are the ones helping to make sure that future improvements and updates are posssible.

New features, bug fixes, and new products all help to create a better WordPress development experience. And as a way of thanking those that contribute, we offer the following benefits…

To contact us, email

Benefits for Contributors

  • Immediate notification of any critical bug reports, or fixes
  • Direct email support for technical issues instead of using the WordPress plugin forum and praying that you hear from us before your deadline
  • Knowledge that you are not one of those people who uses something for free, then complains when it's no longer updated due to lack of user support
  • A unicorn! Sorry, not really…
  • An easy way to contact us with suggestions for improvements
  • Special offers and discounts on any future products
  • We'll notify you when a new version of WordPress is released and we have tested Searchmark to assure compatibility
  • Access to a library of legacy versions of Searchmark, just in case you need them
  • And finally… our gratitude!