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Beta Testing

This page is where you will be able to find known issues and the status on them for WXY Searchmark. If you have a bug to report, please save yourself the time and see if it has already been reported. We appreciate your efforts and so do not want you to waste your valuable time. Email us to report an error. Screenshots are always appreciated if they can visually show the issue!

We look forward to putting a little turbo into your work flow.

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WXY Searchmark℠
Known Issues

This is a list of errors were are currently aware of. If it is not in this list, then email us to report it. Thanks!


  • If you execute a bookmarks tab search, the keyboard shortcut to select all search results (SHFT + CMD + A, SHFT + CTRL + A) is not enabled yet.


  • [Fixed in ver 0.5.11.a] — Using an exact match keyword search sometimes failed or returned too many results due to the absence of the correct query sanitizing function.
  • [Fixed in ver 0.5.10.a] — Entering a comma in the search form's keywords input caused the string to be split into an array and so would match too many items after it created a null entry.
  • [Fixed in ver 0.5.10.a] — On some WordPress installations, the list of meta tags in the postdate table of the database would cause a WordPress database error message to appear and the list to not be created.
  • The following message sometimes appears when a window is refocused or loses focus and the ajax call to load the bookmarks fails three times "WXY: Sorry, the network connection was lost. Please try again or refresh the page.".
  • Occassionally, the start page input field does not get reset back to "1" when using the form reset button.
  • After you change the status on a search result page or post, it correctly reassigns the status, but you need to refresh the page to see the new page statuses displayed.


  • [Fixed in v0.5.11a] If the superadmin signs in to the main admin panel, then goes to a website that he manages, the superadmin username does not show up in the user drop down menu in WXY Searchmark.


  • Currently, Searchmark's UI is not optimized for mobile. Mobile support will be launched based on beta testing demand. So, if you really want to use this plugin on mobile, let us know! Otherwise, it is a low-priority addition.
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